Feldborg Passive House, Kinloch

Why choose Valhalla Living to build your passive house?

Why choose Valhalla Living to build your passive house?

There is much to learn and understand about passive houses and sustainable living. How do passive houses work? How efficient are they? Will my energy costs be lower? Are they more expensive to build? ...and so on.

But the dream of owning a home in New Zealand that is energy efficient - a home that has less impact on the environment, is cheaper to run and is healthier and more comfortable to live in - can become a reality, especially if you talk to Valhalla Living.

The number of builders in New Zealand with the knowledge, experience and expertise to design and construct a passive house is relatively small. Kim Feldborg is one of them. Kim has designed and built his own passive house in Kinloch. He is passionate about all aspects of building and living in his energy efficient passive house. At regular intervals throughout the year, Kim opens his house to the general public in an attempt to educate and inform people who are interested in the benefits of sustainable living and the technology behind it.

Much can be researched online to give you detailed information, but in the meantime Valhalla Living has produced an information leaflet which outlines the building processes and the advantages of passive housing. Click here for further details.


Video Presentation

You can view a video presentation by Kim Feldborg which describes the unique construction processes involved in building a passive house and the reasons for them.

Click here to view the video.


Thinking of building a passive house?

Contact Kim at any time if you have a passive house project in mind, or if you simply wish to pick his brain and learn more about the technology.