Heat Recovery Ventilation: The Basic Principles

Running time: 3 mins

Video courtesy of Zehnder Group

Why do we need fresh air in our homes?

Fresh air inside our homes is particularly important for our health, well-being

and comfort. A constant supply of fresh air is vital - especially in spaces that we spend more than 70% of our time. Optimum oxygen levels together with a draught free air supply promote well-being and fresh, and remember... clean air is hypoallergenic and reduces respiratory disorders.


Zehnder "Comfosystems"

Valhalla Living endorses, promotes and installs Zehnder ventilation systems to new homes in the greater Taupo area.

Zehnder Comfosystems is an indoor ventilation system with up to 95% heat recovery.

It provides energy-efficient air exchange which can be automatically controlled to suit your individual requirements.


The Advantages of Zehnder "Comfosystems" Ventilation

The advantages and benefits of the Zehnder "Comosystem" are numerous, and include:

- A permanent supply of fresh air.

- Moist air, kitchen odours, tobacco smoke etc are exchanged for clean, fresh air.

- Optional pre-tempered air in winter and summer.

- Easy operation.

- No need to ventilate rooms by opening windows.

- Prevention of mildew formation.

- Insects are unable to enter from outside.

- Outside noise reduction.

- Increased protection against burglary.

- Energy savings of up to 50%.

- Heat recovery of up to 95%.

- Low energy consumption.