Residential (Traditional New Build)

If building a brand new home is a new experience for you, Valhalla Living can guide you through the build process from plans to completion. We can assist with all stages of initial design and architectural planning, enabling us to create a complete schedule with which to implement your building project.

Valhalla Living has the experience and expertise to professionally manage your project. We enlist the services of all specialists including architects and sub-contractors on your behalf. We aim to complete all stages of the building works on time and to budget. We can even monitor the building process with photographs and/or video. You can then use our “Track Your Build” facility on this website to view the images and follow progress from wherever you may be. We regularly update you with regard to progress and aim to involve you at every stage.

Trust in our services, ability and professionalism will result in peace of mind for you as we construct your new home.

Renovations, refurbishment, additions and alterations

If you wish to add character, uniqueness and value to your existing home whether it be outdoor living spaces such as decks and pergolas, or interior extensions such as new rooms or additional floors then you can rely on Valhalla Living to create inspirational new environments with a sympathetic eye to the style and construction of your property. Regardless of the size of the job, we are committed to completing the work to your satisfaction with same exacting standards of workmanship and professionalism.

Light commercial

Valhalla Living offers commercial services to small businesses within the Taupo area. If you have a requirement for renovations, alterations or retail fit-outs please contact us to discuss these further.