What is energy efficiency?

People often regard energy efficiency as simply utilising solar panels, or installing double glazing to reduce their power bills. Or reducing their power bill further by switching off unnecessary lighting and electronics, adding an additional layer o insulation in their loft ... or simply wearing another layer of clothing! This is not true energy efficiency.

More accurate definitions of energy efficiency would be:

Achieving better performance with the same energy consumption, or...

Achieving the same performance whilst using less energy, or better still...

Achieving better performance and using less energy to do so.


Key features of an energy efficient house

Improved energy efficiency can be achieved by considering site position, house size, house orientation, house shape, heat retention, thermal mass, air-tightness, ventilation, insulation and heating.


Building an energy-efficient home with Valhalla Living

It doesn’t necessarily cost more to build an energy efficient home, and you'll benefit from better comfort and lower energy bills for years to come if you build with five major principles in mind: energy efficiency, low maintenance and longevity, ease of construction and value for money.


If you are looking to build a new home to maximise energy efficiency and provide year-round comfort for your family, Valhalla Living can assist you in designing, planning and constructing the perfect house which maximises the location and orientation of the section you wish to build on.


Valhalla Living offers a comprehensive design and build package that investigates all aspects of your home in order to provide you with the very best, integrated energy solutions possible to suit your style of home and your budget.


Valhalla Living are specialists in energy efficient construction principles and processes. Processes which begin by optimising window placement, internal airflow, thermal mass, and passive solar design. We provide recommendations on the best technologies for every area of your home - heating, insulation, advanced glazing, appliances, air-conditioning, water heating systems, solar heating, gas and underfloor heating.